Upcoming Camps

As in past years, we are offering summer camps. There are both morning and afternoon sessions or your child can stay all day. Costs remain the same as last year, $37 per child per session per day or $65 for the entire day.

The morning session runs from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; then 30 minutes for lunch. The afternoon session runs from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. All sessions start promptly so all projects can be completed.

These camps are appropriate for children 7 years of age and older. Each session will include 3 themed projects, so those attending all day will do 6 projects. Children need to bring their own lunches but we will provide snacks and drinks.

Registration is required; please call the studio to secure your child’s spot.

Wednesday, June 3rd –
Caterpillars & Butterflies
  • Caterpiller handprint
  • Bisque inch worm
  • Construction paper butterfly
  • Bisque apple box
Wednesday, June 10th –
I Love Monsters
  • Felt monster
  • Handprint monster
  • Clay monster
  • Monster lunch bag
Wednesday, June 17th –
My Favorite Pet
  • Bisque horse
  • Pet rocks
  • Clay dog or cat face
  • Handprint animal
Wednesday, June 24th –
Movie Night
  • Minon tumbler
  • Mr. Potato head paper sack
  • Popcorn bowl
  • Clay of Olaf footprint
Wednesday, July 1st –
Into the Forest
  • (4) season trees
  • Pinecone animals
  • Clay mushroom
  • Bisque gnome
Wednesday, July 8th –
Birds of a Feather
  • Handprint peacock
  • Construction paper birds with feathers
  • Clay nest with eggs
  • Bisque bird
Wednesday, July 15th –
Halloween Fun
  • Skull with stamps
  • Clay pot spiders
  • Clay pumpkin dish
  • Bisque pumpkin
Wednesday, July 22nd –
Into the Desert
  • Colored sand in glass jar
  • Bisque tarantula or lizard
  • Clay lizard
  • Cactus rocks in pots
Wednesday, July 29th –
Ocean Magic
  • Hawaiian lei
  • Bisque starfish
  • Clay mermaid
  • Bisque seahorse
Wednesday, August 5th –
Peace Man
  • Bisque peace sign
  • Bisque flower
  • Construction paper hands as flags
  • Peace plate